I’m working on a story which presents me with an opportunity to reflect on the founder’s intentions and ideals. What if a thousand years into the future another revolutionary war was fought? What if the people who fought it had the example of the founders AND the mistakes made along the way and were high-minded enough to attempt the grand experiment again?

To Put it simply, I’m trying to explore “What would the Founding Fathers have done differently, had they the ability to foresee the path that the country eventually took? ”

I already outlined a few questions and possible answers for myself. I’m curious if anyone else has more.

Term Limits? Hell Yes! At the very least preventing the “career politician” would’ve been a golden achievement.

Thomas Jefferson without slavery as an albatross around his neck would make defending some of his ideas easier. Though it might not matter as those who espouse Anti-Jeffersonian sentiments would’ve undoubtedly found some way to smear him if they lacked a slavery card.

Voting Rights? It originally only allowed land owners to vote. Assuming there were no gender or race related limitations. What are the pros and cons to limiting voting rights to people who “own a stake” so to speak in the land itself?

Privately created Safety nets? There was no social security as we know it at start, pros and cons of implementation at the very beginning?

Commodity currency? More than one commodity?

Actual Free Markets? What would happen?


Naturally I could never write a whole constitution into the book and make it a fun read but, to get the principles across in a palatable manner is doable. All these questions and more, are worthy of reflection.